The word of the Dean


It is our great pleasure that you have visited our site. We have accredited our Faculty for business in tourism in Budva on 15th November 2010, and within it two study programs: undergraduate academic study program "Management in Tourism and Hospitality Management", 180 ECTS and postgraduate specialist academic study program "Management in Tourism and Hospitality" 60 ECTS. Using decades of experience in tourism management in our country and abroad and years of academic experience in higher education and scientific research for necessities of tourism (Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Kotor, Faculty of Tourism in Bar, Faculty of International Hospitality and Tourism Management in Miločer) and knowing the system of higher tourist education of leading universities in Europe and America, we made a synthesis of the best domestic and international experience and practices and created a prestigious studies of tourism and hospitality with real ambition to soon become the leader in the region.

Positive specifics of our study are reflected in the following seven points:

  • First study program of hospitality management (catering, tourism recreation and entertainment, tourist attractions, tourist services, tourist shops ...) in Montenegro and one of the few in the region (Rochester Dubrovnik and Faculty of Tourism and hospitality management Opatija);
  • The subjects of operational character (Theory of restaurant service in I semester, Hospitality operation and Preparation for internship in II semester, Theory of making and service of food in III) prepare students to carry out practical operations in hospitality and tourism (reception, restaurant, kitchen, household..)
  • Obligatory paid internship, based on the knowledge and skills gained by practical subjects, in duration of 14 weeks, is carried out after II and after IV semester, and is mandatory for enrollment in the next academic year (second and third);
  • Professional subjects are studied in the original ambient (hotel, restaurant, kitchen, reception, household ...) in reputable hotels in Budva (Maestral, Queen of Montenegro, Bellevue Iberostar, Montenegro Stars Group, Aman Sv. Stefan, Mediteran...), in which students will perform obligatory summer practice i.e. take over the specific seasonal jobs;
  • Subjects from the field of operational management are studied in the first two years, and from the field of strategic management in the third year, and in the fourth within the specialized studies, applying methods of practical simulation;
  • The structure and content of the program fully complies with the major international programs in the field of hospitality and tourism management;
  • The program gives emphasis not only on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also on gaining the skills necessary to practically implement this knowledge (techniques of making and presenting of analysis, management reports, certain contracts, etc.).

Through the years of employment at various universities in Montenegro, we had the pleasure to be the witnesses and mentors in the academic maturing of many of our students from undergraduate and postgraduate studies (the structure from which our teaching staff is mainly recruited), of whose talent, knowledge and pedagogical skills we are very proud. Our teaching staff partly consists of eminent, experienced professors and experts in tourism practices, so we can freely say that we managed to do a very good academic blend of youth and experience.

Finally, thanks to the understanding and excellent strategic visions of Budva’s "Academy of knowledge", we have been given a high quality and modernly equipped administrative and teaching space in the university building in Budva, the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. With joy we are ready to welcome our future students to undergraduate and postgraduate study programs and we open this site for prior communication and preliminary applications.

Also, we remain open for cooperation with students from other tourism faculties wherever they have studied, as well as for interested candidates for other forms of tourism education (European course for tourist guides, managerial training courses ...). Our academic and research team is open for cooperation on various projects in the wider field of tourism for the various addresses and clients.

You can find more information on our site.

Best regards.

Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Rade Ratkovic, Dean

Budva, Januar. 2011