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Undergraduate studies

 Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management
(Three years)
The program was developed in collaboration with leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry, and it represents the optimal combination of academic knowledge and practical skills. Opens the door to high school graduates and excellently prepares them to face the challenges of a dynamic Hospitality Industry and Tourism, as the largest employers in contemporary and upcoming business world. Graduates students has been given an excellent base for developing a successful career on the basis of an exceptional level of knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry and gained leadership management skills. The program has the character of a laptop study program given that this notebook is basic technical help in their education and work.
This program is well adjusted for students who:
  • Enjoy interacting with people of different background;
  • Enjoy using creative, strategic and critical thinking to solve problems,
  • Are interested in questioning the sustainability of the global industry of tourism and hospitality,
  • Want to participate in the paid practice, co-op education;
  • Want to thrive in the real, i.e. living environment for learning.
Your Career
Program prepares you for a successful career in management in the tourism and hospitality industry, both in Montenegro and abroad, including the Region, European Union, United States and other countries where Hospitality industry and tourism is developing. Options for the development of successful management careers are in: the hotel, boutique real estate, resorts, cruise ships, suppliers of tourism, planning conferences and events, management of casinos, work in government, civil society organizations and consulting firms.
Courses in this program are carried out using different modes of teaching: in the classroom or laboratory, the tourist facility, on-line or in hybrid mode that combines a variety of educational activities.
Price of tuition
The total annual cost of tuition amounts to € 1,500.00, 20% shall be paid upon enrollment and the remaining amount shall be paid 150 € per month in8 monthly installments. There is the possibility of obtaining loans for education from banks. The price includes all the costs of education, including the use of literature in the library. For the pre-payment discount is 10%. Holders of diplomas 'Luca' and athletes are accounted to have 30% of discount.