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Course for Travel Guide - Lifelong education

Travel Guide profession day by day gets higher and higher recognition, so in Europe, special attention is paid to educate these important "ambassadors" of each tourism destination. The EU has made a special directiveon education of travel guides EN 15565 (New European standard EN 15565 on tourist guide training).

At the initiative and full dedication of our faculty and in cooperation with the Center for Vocational Education, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Faculty of Tourism in Kotor and Bar, in 2011 has beenadopted a new training program for tourist guides in accordance with European standards. Successful implementation of the program has been done in our faculty and three other faculties in Montenegro (in Tivat, Kotor and Bar), during2012 was promoted the first generation of "new" tourist guides, who deserved their place in NQF MNE and certified as a profession in tourism.Training for tourist guides at our university has been introduced as a permanent program of lifelong education.


The candidate with the application shall submit the following documents:
  • Proof of completion of the relevant school (at least four year secondary school), original or certified copies, and foreign citizens shall submit the confirmation of validation of the diploma(for more information about the process, click on the link);
  • ID card or passport;
  • 2 photos passport size
Requirements for admission are: passed professional exam in a foreign language (oral and written partlevel B2 of EU standards ) and passed the test of eligibility for dealing with job of TravelGuide (shall be taken at the Faculty).
Course price is € 700.00 and shall bepaid in three installments: the first in the amount of 250.00€ at the first day of classes of the course, the other in the amount of € 250.00 within 30 days of the start of classes and third in the amount of € 200.00 before taking the practical part of the exam.